Friday, April 12, 2013

Cozy Wooden Country House Design With Interior in Colors of Provence

The smell of natural wood could always create the atmosphere of coziness and warmth. The warm colors of Provence only improves that atmosphere. The interior of this amazing house only proves that. All rooms of the house has something wooden in their decor. Some of them even have really a lot of wood inside because walls and ceilings of the house done from it and usually aren’t hidden. Almost all windows are covered with very light textile so there is a lot of natural light inside the house. Among cool features of the interior design are such things as: a handmade country-style fireplace in the living room, an old-style oven-stove in the kitchen, wooden furniture with artificial antique effect in the bathroom and many others. Colors and other elements of Provence combined with natural wood is all we need to create the coziness everybody desires.

{ Photos by Alexander Shevtsov }

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dramatic Architecture And Interior Of Malbaie V House

This striking Malbaie V house by MU Architecture looks at the river. The architecture is exciting, strict geometrical cubes; the wood used outside is of amazing shade. The green roof bows to the eco design and facilitates the integration into the landscape. The interior design is also dramatic: the same reddish wood in design and rich colors – chocolate, black and beige. The interior is minimalist and the size of windows is maximized to enjoy the views. Simple furniture, open space plan, rich colors and maximum comfort are ideal to have a rest during the weekend or a whole vacation.

Source: plastolux, architecture-mu

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Colorful Atomic Ranch With A Glass Corner

A mid-century house was amazingly remodeled into Atomic Ranch by Laidlaw Schultz Architects. The result is a bright and modern retreat in juicy colors. A cool designer’s detail is the corner of the house that is floor to ceiling glass, it gives much light and an amazing view. The interior is modern: a cool brick fireplace, colorful furniture of minimalist and modern design. Natural wood is widely used in design: walls, floor and some furniture are made of it, and that adds a cozy touch. The look is very dynamic, dramatic, modern and inspiring, the colors are well combined – it’s a great example of modern architecture and design.

Modern Residence With Minimalist Interior And Inspiring Architecture

This cool modern Nexus House was built in a historic residential district in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, by Johnsen Schmaling Architects. The architecture is unusual because it’s organized in two parts. One is a two-story brick block that was partially carved into the slope and the other one is a linear cedar-clad volume. The public spaces are located in the brick part, while the private ones are in the cedar part. The interior is pretty simple, minimalist and the dramatic effect is based on contrast like white walls and floor with dark furniture and accents and vice versa. Giant windows and transparent walls make the interiors merge with nature and add green to the inside. Modern architecture plus minimalist design are the formula for success!

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